Achieve Consistent Weekly Gains with SmartTradeHQ

Get AI-driven trading signals for GBPJPY, GBPUSD, and EURUSD during the London session and achieve consistent weekly gains of 100 pips.

Solutions for SmartTradeHQ Copier Program

Experience the power of human insight and advanced technology for unparalleled trading success

Machine Learning Algorithm

SmartTradeHQ can use machine learning algorithms to learn from past trading data and identify profitable patterns. This would enable the program to make smarter trading decisions based on historical trends, and ultimately generate better returns for customers.

Hybrid trading system

Another solution would be to create a hybrid trading system that combines the best of AI and human expertise. This would involve using AI to identify trading opportunities and institutional traders to analyze the market and execute trades. By working together, the AI and institutional traders could identify opportunities that might be missed by either one on their own.

Risk management tools

SmartTradeHQ could also develop risk management tools that incorporate AI and institutional human input. The AI could be used to monitor market conditions and identify potential risks, while institutional traders could provide input on how to mitigate those risks through strategic trades. This would allow SmartTradeHQ to manage risk more effectively and potentially increase returns over the long term.

Benefits of SmartTradeHQ Copier Program

Account Management

Utilize SmartTradeHQ’s trade copier for account management. Note, account management trades begin at a $3k threshold. Enjoy a 60/40% profit split weekly. This opportunity empowers you to boost earnings through expert account management, ensuring profitable trades while sharing profits in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Suitable for Passing prop firms Challenge

Prop firm challenges is a highly regarded test for Forex traders to prove their skills and earn funding. SmartTradeHQ’s copier program enables you to pass this challenge and gain access to funding, opening up the possibility of achieving financial freedom through Forex trading. With the support of SmartTradeHQ’s AI-driven tools and human input, you can confidently take on any prop firm challenges and succeed.



A one-time linking fee

Copy Trades with Ease and Achieve Consistent Results

Our proprietary AI-driven tools help us to maximize profits while managing risk effectively. But we don’t rely solely on automation – our team of expert traders also provide human input to ensure success. We incorporate the London session as a vital tenet to our trading strategy as we have found that the low of the day always happens in the London session.

Using a copier application like SocialTradeTool, we send out trades directly to our customers, making it easy to copy trades with ease. For a modest linking fee of $400, you can gain access to our trading signals and receive real-time trade alerts.

And with just one London session, you can easily earn back your subscription fee. Don’t wait any longer to start seeing consistent results in your trading. 

We operate on a 50/50 split when going live, providing you the flexibility to trade independently or alongside us. By joining SmartTradeHQ, you open the door to a shared journey where profits from live prop accounts are equally divided. Take the step today and let us guide you toward your financial aspirations.

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